Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sticky Truth about 3M Tape and Other Adhesive Tapes: Strength of Bond

Not all substances are composed of molecules that exhibit wetting or induce Van der Waal’s forces. Polymer, the main component of most adhesives are among the materials which show strength in both processes, making them effective for pressure sensitive bonding. Likewise, they have large molecules such that even with minimal Van der Waal’s forces, they are strong enough to produce a binding reaction with the molecules of other substances.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Use Anti Slip Adhesive Tape to Promote Warehouse Safety and Efficiency

Coloured adhesive tape offers a number of safety benefits to warehouse operations. It gives workers and vehicles instant direction, preventing them from heading to a dangerous zone, and allowing them to find their destination in the warehouse fast. It also helps keep certain areas of the floor–like the walkways–free of clutter, thus minimizing the chances of tripping, and providing sufficient running space in case of an emergency.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Duct Tapes: Premiere Adhesive Tape Products for a Multiple Purposes

Duct tape’s strength come from the process of combining its fabric and adhesive materials through a precise layering process. An alternative method is the trademarked, “Durabond Construction”. This involves the use of a film coated with adhesive pellets, which is then blended with the mesh while still hot. The adhesive is then spread onto the film. This process is said to minimize the chances of delamination.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Quality Double Sided Tape Mount Signs that Enhance a Business’ Profile

A number of double sided tapes in the market are of industrial grade and for general purpose. They were manufactured with superior adhesive properties compared to common consumer grade tapes. They are certainly strong and long-lasting enough to hold signage of various weights, sizes, and materials, for as long as needed. In fact, quality adhesive foam tape have many applications, including mounting mirrors or other bathroom fixtures, and as extra glazing for windows.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Tips on How to Properly Install Floor Marking Tape by Manual Means

There are different types of sturdy adhesive tape being used in numerous industries. For instance, overall safety in industries, such in the storage and warehousing of products, hinges on floor markings, among others. However, it’s not that easy to apply floor markings using specialized tape, especially if the warehouse is huge. writer Sophia Jones notes: The process of putting or applying floor marking tapes in a work area can be a very difficult job, especially if the space is very long and wide. Covering a really big surface and using the tape as a divider or as a means to create distinct compartments, or as a safety feature, requires proper and correct application.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Good Methods and Packaging Supplies in Melbourne will Make Moving Easy

Whether you’re packing personal property for yourself or for a client, doing it the right way will minimise stress and provide peace of mind to everyone involved. For safety and security, make use of the right materials and packaging supplies from Melbourne companies like Adhesive Tapes Australia. illustrates how to properly pack possessions and avoid common pitfalls: Use uniformly-sized boxes Most shipping companies sell boxes to the public in pre-determined sizes. It is advisable to buy boxes from your shipper since they’ll be doing the transporting, plus they won’t charge for any unused ones. These boxes are also quite sturdy so you can re-use them or stash in your attic until you move again. Some national companies even offer free shipping and handling so you can have some delivered or go to the local location.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

At Home or at Work, Enjoy Twice the Advantages of Double Sided Tape

Since its invention in 1930, adhesive tape has invaded anywhere two surfaces of any material need to be joined temporarily or permanently. Modern double sided tape was developed by coating both sides of the tape with adhesive. This simple but brilliant product has brought convenience to homes, offices, and factories worldwide, as told by Martin Sadler in an article for Those who enjoy creating items for their children, or who run a small craft business, use it to join together pieces and parts that will not or cannot accept glue… Some even use it to join together pieces of wooden picture frames, and in some cases for applying pictures to the wall.