Monday, 4 August 2014

3M Tape: A Simple and Practical Invention that the World Got Stuck On

Started out for Cars The young 3M technician noticed that car painters were having difficulty applying separate colors while painting two-toned cars. As a solution, he treated crepe paper with pressure-sensitive adhesive and used the resulting product to cover vehicle sections that require a color different from the paint that was being used at the moment. This proved to be the birth of masking tape. The Difference is Clear Richard Drew then began experimenting with a transparent material called cellophane to try and duplicate his earlier success with masking tape. By 1930, 3M was marketing Richard’s invention as Scotch Tape. This was at the height of the Great Depression, and the simple invention became an unlikely symbol of hope for the impoverished because of its reliability and versatility.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Storied History and Continued Use of Adhesive Tape Technology

Have you ever stopped to think how an everyday utility like adhesive tape came about? Contrary to what you may think, such a simple convenience we enjoy today took centuries to invent and improve. Adhesive has quite a bit of history behind it, and an article published by The Human Touch of Chemistry highlighted its origins as well as its continued use to see how this commonplace wonder helps make our lives easier. Back in the day The use of adhesives began in the time of the Ancient Egyptians, who extracted sticky substances from animal bones and tissue to create the first usable adhesive for woodworking and papyrus production. Fast forward a few thousand years to 1925 AD, an American named Richard Drew coated cellophane with adhesive to create the prototype of what would eventually become “cellophane tape” as we know it today.